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  • Software per la gestione e archiviazione delle immagini
    Software per la gestione e archiviazione delle immagini

  • Sistemi di videosorveglianza professionali
    Sistemi di videosorveglianza professionali

Video surveillance systems, CCTV, wireless video surveillance systems

Detection system car registration and intelligent motion

Intelligent video surveillance LPCs

For every city, big or small need security and intelligent portals LPCs (license plate control system), designed, installed and activated by Lumic Technicians, Video surveillance is essential to protect and safeguard the citizens. The easy and intuitive software to use for all law enforcement with this reliable product that can fight crime and terrorism

The intelligent system for reading license plates with the recognition system linked to a special algorithm which allows even in total to read the license plate darkness. Tested up to 160 kmh speed of the system as well

that detect the rear license plate of the car's front Motorcycles and also can automatically querying the database of Motor Vehicles and verify that the vehicle is insured and in the presence or absence of mandatory review.

The Intelligent Video Surveillance Network LPCs, is generally associated with other high-resolution cameras context to determine what happens in the vicinity of the area where passing cars and people. All installed cameras can have HD resolutions up to 4K and even that is 4 times the image HD.

With the help of powerful and reliable software Lumic the telecom is able to design, install and activate an urban surveillance network, private domestic or industry to make more safe and secure environment in which we live.

All video surveillance networks use latest-technology for data transport in a safe and stable, using both radio Wireless Device or physical such as optical fiber and power line carrier of electrical cable.

Also for home use or for small public and industrial reality, Lumic telecommunications employs a very good product and easy to install to be able to monitor even remotely via smartphone cameras installed. With a registration system that can lead from 6 up to 16 IP cameras fed directly into POE (power over ethernet) from NVR recorder, you can obtain small and medium video surveillance systems that can help us protect our house and our property .