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  • Sistemi Radio per missioni di emergenza
    Sistemi Radio per missioni di emergenza

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Radiocommunications TETRA - DMR

The Lumic Telecommunications wants to give valuable assistance to police forces to fight crime every day, from the simple automotive sanction to real fight against crime and terrorism. Communication up from earlier times is of absolute strategic importance factor for working in the field in a fast, safe and practical. The Digital radio technology allows today all this and through the TETRA radio networks, where Lumic Telecommunications is able to design and supply you can make a valid support for police, fire brigade and civil protection.

Furthermore TErrestrial Trunking RAdio technologies can be used in industrial complexes such as refineries, steel mills, ceramics, in order to give a fast communication service to all employees who work in these areas and add value to personal security, through the system by radio position detection, Man Down and Lone Worker system. The long experience gained over the years of work spent at other telecommunications companies and the acquisition of know-how and staff after a long hard work, led engineers Lumic to have acquired a great experience in being able to operate in the fields described.

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