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    Centrali operative Multifunzioni

systems Push To Talk On Cellular-POC

The PoC service SNS - "Push to Talk over cellular", realizes the Push-to-Talk features, typical of the most advanced PMR systems, integrated with other specific functionality for workforce management (task assignment, barcode reading, etc ...) on terminals smartphone or Tablet.

Emergency calls and priority
Telephone calls PSTN / PABX
communications recording
Integration with networks PMR
Text message
Transmitting GPS data
individual calls
Group calls
Broadcast calls
It is based on public mobile networks and proprietary technology, integrated with analog radio systems, Digital DMR and Tetra

Benefits from the national coverage already provided by mobile operators for the various standards (GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, ...), but also the possible use abroad with a simple data connection.

It is not required any concession frequency.

The service activation timing is almost immediate.

Based on the existing cellular network, the necessary infrastructure is minimized:

The user has only to gain from their usual supplier otablet smartphones (Android or iOS) suited to their needs (are also available smartphone "rugged" and ATEX intrinsic safety for special needs)
Lumic Telecommunications provides the service through its own central server, which is necessary for the coordination of information flow
The dispatcher is installed on a simple desktop PC at the customer site