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Via del Lavoro 8/W

40057 Granarolo dell'Emilia


  • Control Room
    Control Room

  • Software per Videosorveglianza
  • Centrali operative per forze dell'Ordine
  • Centrali operative CCTV per Oil & Gas


Operations centers for radio fleet management and personal coordination in the field. All control centers can include radio communication systems for the Tetra radio protocol, Radio DMR, and conventional analogue radios. All central units or operations have high quality furniture built at Hoc for every need and situation. All the operating centers installed by Lumic Telecommunications technicians are equipped with the latest computers, high definition monitors and powerful and reliable software installed as needed. The telecommunications lumic is able to set up operations centers for law enforcement, civil protection, health, regulatory institutions. The long experience in the sector has allowed Lumic technicians to acquire a very high professionalism and therefore to be able to perform the best operative plants in the field for all needs.

They are available for the operations centers:

Software for radio localization of radios and mobile phones
Software for video surveillance, access control
Software for reading plaques connected to the system for urban video surveillance
Servers and clients of the most known brands
Professional network switches
Radio Tetra, DMR and conventional
Audio recording systems for radio communications and fixed and mobile telephony
Antenna systems for Radio with fixed base station